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We combine social goals with corporate social responsibility and have already achieved proven returns of over 11.6%.


We can imagine that you have questions about what risk there may be when investing, the realization of current income and expenses, or how returns are realized and paid out. On our platform you can find more information about this in all openness and transparency. You can find some Q&A on the right.

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Still having doubts?

We invite you to at least create an account (with no further obligations) on our share platform. In this way, stay informed and be invited to information sessions with well-known athletes.

what will happen to my money?

Investment funds are used for land and (building) structures. Your investment is not used for running costs or community projects, so your money is safeguarded. Sponsorship fees, donations and merchandise income are used to fund community projects.

What are the benefits of co-ownership?

  • Civic engagement in Indonesia and particularly in the Moluccas.
  • Your name, company or family name immortalized. Choose how you would like to be listed in the sports complex: on a locker room tile, bleacher chair or unit banner.
  • Your share certificate gives you the right to receive a return distribution, to attend the annual shareholder meeting, to be closely involved in developments and the opportunity to resell your shares.

Why is the risk of investing minimal?

The running costs will be covered by construction of income by Dutch students.When building the complex, the number of students will increase from 20 to 80. More figures and substantiation can be found on our investment platform. If we do not reach our first target in 2024, the shares will be bought back by the MSF Group.


Rather not invest, but make a donation or sponsor as a company which benefits the social projects? We welcome that too.

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With your investment, we realize the next phase

Buy land, give youth the future and benefit from our current yields

Maluku United is a social enterprise that connects profitability with social aspects in Indonesia through knowledge transfer in the field of sports, exercise and nutrition. This is carried out by Dutch students who intern at Maluku United Internship and provide Maluku United with basic revenue.

Invest direct

By buying shares of Maluku Sport Facility Group, you become a direct co-owner of the land and the entire project.

more information

Is the step to invest now still too big, too unknown or would you like personal contact? Then leave your details.

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