our team

Our team consists of professionals in each field, who work on various social and business projects. who believe in the expansion of future prospects for the youth on the Moluccas, including through sports and real estate. who work with passion for this and above all support each other in achieving goals. Meet the team:

What is our goal?
The coming years will be marked by the expansion of our services in the Moluccas. By building our own COMMERCIAL multifunctional sports complex on Ambon we can help more people build a future at the same time.

Core Team in the Netherlands

Starting in 2014, this permanent team will take care of the students' internships in the Moluccas from the Netherlands. All visas, accommodation on Ambon and tickets are arranged in advance. They also maintain a lot of contact with the Dutch schools and the parents of the students. All messages and images from Indonesia are controlled from here as well as the commercial activities regarding the co-ownership.

Gert Jan Tomassen


Eric Reijnders


Marsha Laijan

Marketing Strategy

Marinho Letemahulu

Head Soccer Academy

Bazzo Kelesh

Web Developer

Julia Tomassen

Event Organisator

Diana Reijnders


Raoul Oliemuller

Video & Marketing strategies

R Deighton

New business manager

Core team indonesia

In the Moluccas, this team of internship supervisors and operational affairs provides supervision for the interns and maintenance of the homes in which the students reside. They also provide daily food, transportation to the various internship sites and school counseling.

Richard Febi

Commercial Manager Ambon

Reza Valdo Maspaitella

Member of Board

Hans Lucke

Operations Manager Ambon


F&B Manager Students Ambon


Manager Housing Ambon

Team of students

This changing team of students on the Moluccas comes from collaborations with 32 MBO and HBO schools in the Netherlands. They support in various social projects on the Moluccas and study in sports and exercise, marketing and communication, tourism, aviation services, film and photography and more

Team internship supervisors

This changing team of passionate (ex-)soccer coaches and former teachers from the Netherlands spend 3 to 6 months in the Moluccas to guide students in social projects.